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Steel Mace from home

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Why Train with a Steel Mace?

Gets you in shape fast!
Full body fitness!
Transforms you!
Great for all fitness levels!
Builds resilience!
Get stronger!
Feel Empowered!


How It works

The Daily Warrior is a web-based platform dedicated to the art of Steel Mace Training. Use it on your phone, tablet or computer and set it up anywhere you’d like. Just click play!

Don’t have a steel mace yet? Order one here.

What’s INside?

Steel Mace Programs

You will never run out of Steel Mace Training. The Daily Warrior provides you with Easy-to-Follow 14 and 30 Day Programs for all your fitness goals! Programs are designed to get you results!

Steel Mace Workout Library

If you just want to jump in a few times a week and aren’t looking for programs – no problem. You will have access to the workout library at all times. You will find many workouts to choose from!

Steel Mace Exercise Library

Need some extra help with your Steel Mace Training? Visit the Steel Mace Exercise Library, select the exercise and get full on instructions on how to properly perform each exercise.

 Bonus Resources

You will get additional BONUS content to help you on your Steel Mace Journey! Updated as much as possible! Best of all the resources you download from the platform are yours to keep forever.

Members only Facebook Group

When you sign up you will get access to the Members Only Facebook Group – a place to share your progress videos, ask questions and meet others on the same steel mace journey as you! Coach notes will be dropped every week as well! Staying connected and having a community is important. I encourage everyone to participate!

 Direct Chat

Need to speak to Coach Victoria directly? Or maybe you have some kind of technical/billing issue you want to discuss? No problem! You will have chat available 24/7 to get the support you are looking for. Just log into your dashboard and click chat.

The Programs

Pick what moves you!

NEW Steel Mace Programs every month for epic transformational results.

Warrior Steel Mace Program

An intense program combining body weight and Steel Mace for fat burn, conditioning and functional fitness.

Resilience Steel Mace Program

Build a mind & body that can withstand anything while you burn fat and work on your overall endurance. Resilient is what you will become.

Basics Steel Mace Program

This is a program specifically designed to teach you Steel Mace fundamentals and technique while you build strength, lose fat and tone up.

Muay Thai Steel Mace Program

Steel Mace and Muay Thai movement meet! A great Steel Mace program inspired by the sport of Muay Thai Training. Awaken the fighter in you!


Coach Victoria Islas AKA Steel Mace Warrior
About your coach

Coach Victoria is the founder of, a website dedicated to the art of steel mace training and the Steel Mace Warrior Podcast. She’s been trained in many styles of Steel Mace Training such as Traditional, Flow and Hybrid. Her mission is to help spread Steel Mace all over the world – the Daily Warrior is part of the tools to do that.

Credentials: ISSA Personal Trainer, Steel Mace Flow Level 1, NBMB Certified, Mr.Maceman Certified, KIPS Certified, NESTA Muay Thai Fitness Trainer.

Grab your Steel Mace.
Start Your Workout.