I signed up but don’t know what to do next? Where do I log in?

Check your email for your log-in details. Make sure to mark all emails from The Daily Warrior as “not spam” so that you are able to get all alerts from our website.


Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes! You can do this anytime within your account page. Just log into your account and hit the cancel button/link.


I got charged and I canceled! I want a refund.

No problem. If you were charged by mistake a refund will be issued, no questions asked. Just send us an email at daily@steelmacewarrior.com.

Refunds take 3-7 days to return into your account.


I forgot my username and password.


Head over to the log in page and click “forgot password”. Your password will be sent to the email you signed up with.


Click on the chat bubble found in the corner of your screen to be sent back your username.


Is there an app for the daily warrior?

The Daily Warrior is a web-based platform. There is no app download necessary. Just enter daily.steelmacewarrior.com into any device and log into the membership site.


Can I watch your streaming videos on my TV?

Yes! You can mirror what is on your phone with Apple TV, Roku or Chromecast . It takes a little set up time but it is possible if that is the route you want to take. 


I didn’t recieve any emails from you?

If you are not recieving any email from the Daily Warrior please check your spam folder within your email client. Once you do find them mark them as “not spam”. This will help you get all future emails!

Where do I buy a Steel Mace ?

There are many online stores where you can buy a Steel Mace BUT the daily warrior recommends the following brands:

SET FOR SET – www.setforset.com

ONNIT – www.onnit.com

Is the Daily Warrior LIVE?

The Daily Warrior programs are not live and do not require you to go live on platforms like zoom and so on. All content is ready for you to stream through your dashboard. New programs & additional steel mace content will be released every month. 

Will there be any live classes?

No live classes will be provided at the moment but this could be a possible add-on in the future!

I think there is a website glitch or bug I found!

No problem! Please submit any website platform bugs you find by clicking on the “chat with coach” link or the chat bubble in the corner of your screen.

If possible please send in a screen shot for faster technical help.

I have another pre-sale question. How do I contact you?

Any non-member can send pre-sale and general questions by clicking on the chat bubble at the corner of your screen.